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UNITRON's MEC3 Inverted Microscope is ergonomically designed for easy and durable use for brightfield and simple polarization observation. The Infinity Plan Achromat objectives provide sharp, high resolution images with improved contrast. Dual imaging ports offer maximum versatility and a 10 watt LED reflected illuminator provides long-lasting and consistent illumination. Shown here with optional Lumenera Infinity2 camera.

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Optical System UNITRON Infinity M Plan Achromat LWD 5x, 10x, 20x and 50x objectives
Viewing Head 45° inclined trinocular viewing head with 48-75mm interpupillary adjustment. Viewing heads have a 180° rotatable eyepoint adjustment to accommodate needs of individual users.
Eyepieces Widefield 10X/20mm focusing eyepieces with roll-down eyeguards
Nosepiece Quintuple revolving nosepiece
Observation Method Brightfield and simple polarizer/analyzer
Focusing System Vertical action movement revolving nosepiece (fixed stage); coaxial coarse and fine adjustment
Stage Integrated double layer mechanical stage: 226 x 178mm, travel range: 40mm(X) 40mm(Y) with Ø20mm and Ø30mm aperture teardrop stage insert plates.
Illuminator 10 watt variable LED illuminator with lamp centering mechanism, built-in lever type condenser and aperture diaphragm with rotatable filter slot for blue, yellow, green, and frosted filters
Imaging Ports Dual imaging ports: Bottom: 100% binocular or 80% binocular/20% camera, Top: 0% binocular/100% camera
Dimensions & Weight 279mm(w) x 647mm(d) 444mm(h); 23lbs.
Accessories Dust cover and instruction manual
Warranty 5 year limited warranty for parts, labor, and electronic components. 1 year warranty on LED bulb.

Optical Data

Magnification N.A. Working Distance (mm)
5x 0.12 10
10x 0.25 10
20x 0.40 5
50x 0.75 2
100x 0.90 0.7

Optional Accessories

  • Digital & HD cameras with measurement and materials software
  • C-mount adapters with 0.30x, 0.50x, 0.5x high resolution, 0.67x high resolution, and 0.70x
  • 100x dry objective
  • Reticles: crossline, grid, Austenite grain size and custom patterns available
  • Stage micrometers, Metric (mm) and English (inches) with NIST traceability are available