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UNITRON® RMM2 Rollscope

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UNITRON's RMM2 Rollscope Microscope is a compact, convenient metallurgical-materials microscope for microstructural analysis, measuring and photography of inaccessible or large objects that cannot be placed on the stage of a regular microscope. Commonly used for aviation inspection, printing measurement, field metallography ship hull and pressure vessel examination, or rolled materials inspection. Shown here with optional Lumenera camera..

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Optical System UNITRON Plan Achromat 5x, 10x, 20x and 50x objectives
Eyepieces Widefield 10X eyepiece with built-in diopter adjuster, 22 mmm field of view and 10mm/100 division crossline reticle.
Nosepiece Quadruple revolving nosepiece
Observation Method Brightfield
Focusing System Rack and pinion coarse focus 60mm vertical travel with precise micrometer screw fine focus mechanism
X-Y Travel Rack and pinion controls for graduated movement. Stand will move 40mm(X) and 50mm(Y)
Illuminator Variable 6 volt 20 watt Koehler type vertical halogen illuminator with field diaphragm for both AC and DC operation.
Filters Green and yellow filters. A filter slot is built-in to the illuminator housing.
Dimensions & Weight 9"(w) x 11"(d) x 10"(h); 9lbs.
Accessories Dust cover and instruction manual
Warranty 5 year limited warranty for parts, labor, and electronic components.

Optional Accessories

  • Digital & HD cameras with measurement and materials software
  • C-mount adapters: 0.5x, 0.67x, and 1x
  • Objectives: 40x, 60x and 80x
  • Reticles: crossline, grid, Austenite grain size and custom patterns available
  • Stage micrometers in Metric (mm) or English (inches) with NIST traceability are available
  • Filters: neutral density 24mm in mount; polarizing in mount with analyzer.