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We sell microscopes, colposcopes, surgical microscopes, and comparators and most everthing that goes with them, including accessories, parts and service. If you don't see what you are looking for on our site, we have lots of options, including alternate brands. We represent a number of manufacturers, not only for microscopes, but for accessories too. When purchasing a microscope, many configurations and options are available. We would rather quote your perfect set-up and make sure you get everything you need from the correct magnification to a specific reticle. We specialize in customized set-ups. We offer discounts and special pricing to meet your budget.Call or email us with your requirements. We promise to do our best to make you a happy customer! If you have questions about ordering and shipping, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Things to consider:

  • • Do I want to add a digital camera now or in the future?
  • • Will I be able to upgrade this microscope with accessories I may need in the future?
  • • Are there other options available while staying within my budget?
  • • What kind of warranty comes with my purchase?
  • • How long does the manufacturer guarantee support for equipment?
  • • If I need service, who should I contact?
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